A thank you messagege

Hello. First of all, this is not a problem. Just a thank you message. As the WOW team, I would like to thank all of you for giving us such excitement and happiness in the virtual environment. I am a veteran living in Turkey and injured as a result of a terrorist attack. After I was injured, I was completely unable to perform my physical activities and I met you. I’ve been enjoying your game for years and will continue to do so until the end of my life. I just saw some events and was jealous. Frankly, my love for Thor, one of the fantastic characters, and my love for WOW combined on a character called Paladin. That’s why I only play one character and I enjoy it tremendously. What I envy is that you include some players who have left this world in your game. Even though I have become a veteran, I cannot open twitch broadcasts because I am still a Police Officer serving in the administration. That’s why I’m not very well-known, but one day when I die, I would love to have a memory in Wow. Of course, this may be an extreme request for you, but I think I shouldn’t wait until I get sick and go to bed to say this. My name is Bugra, I would like to thank you once again for the excitement you have given us. I was born into this life as an Alliance and I will die as such. It applies to games as well as to real life. I love you very much. Take care of yourselves.

Not : If Thor hasn’t been in the game for 2 seasons, it means he’s dead.

See you in Stormwind one day. Bye.


Messagege received.

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These people are in there because they became incredibly influential and important to the community. Millions upon millions play this game - if they were to add every last one of us, the game world would be a proverbial graveyard with nothing else in it.

So no; if you want that, you’ll have to make some great community content. And well, maybe you should?

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Yes you are right. But I guess I don’t have the strength for that. I wish I could be as impressive as you on this subject. Thor has a small request of you. It’s your choice to notice this or ignore it. I will always love this game, I don’t think millions of players want to be included. Ishayo, if you come across me one day in the Alliance-Horde war, you will see the true power of a Paladin :smiley:

I love you all. Take care.