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Hail wannabe Adventurers,

One of the oldest guilds on Sporeggar is back with some of their finest, to bring back the friendly and totally drama-free environment that made it a legendary place to be for casual players since Vanilla.

We are definitely much older now, and just a little bit wiser, however this doesn’t mean we don’t stand in fire at the worst possible moment. It’s actually a requirement to join!

We are currently looking for mature and friendly people, willing to spend some time playing along like-minded gamers.
To be an Adventurer you just need to be nice, respectful and a little nerdy.

We love running dungeons and engaging in PvP, both in a chilled way.
We also love chasing achies, collectables or just levelling alts for the sake of it.

If you think you fit into the job description, send your application through the in-game Guild Finder with a little side note, or look for /who “The Adventurers Guild” and we will sort an invite.

New and returning players are very welcome here.

See you on Azeroth, Adventurers!

Hey there, adventurers!
If you are still looking for a guild to join for Dragonflight, The Adventurers Guild is always in search for bold and loyal members to add to its roster of heroes!

Join us, and unravel the mysteries of the Dragon Isles together!

New and returning players, always welcome!


I’m coming back to WoW in time for the new expansion.

I was a member of your guild about two years ago when SL came out and I remember you being a very friendly lot indeed.

I would like to become a member once again, if it’s possible.

Cheers and thanks in advance :pray:

Hey Amohn! Good to see you are back in the fold!
If i remember correctly you were also in my same guild on Horde side, so basically we are brothers in arms (also shameless turncoats ofc)! :grin:
Send an application through the Looking for Guild tool and put “Amohn” in the comment, so you’ll get an invite straight away!
See you on Azeroth!

Fantastic! Application sent! :smile:

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New friendly faces have joined the guild, but we are still looking for a few brave companions looking to share the way with us Adventurers!
All levels of experience are welcome!

The Dragon Isles are calling, and the Adventurers are answering!

If you wanna join our merry band of pathfinders, daredevils and soldiers of fortune, check the Guild Finder tool in-game and leave a short message. We will sort an invite at the earliest!

Bang! Still looking for more able bodies (living ones) to do all sorts of trading, thiefing, killing, and other sorts of shenanigans :grin:

Hail, Adventurers!

Still on the lookout for brave souls to join our M+ runs, Mog runs, or just to hang out in gchat and Discord chilling.

New and returning players are always welcome!

Returning player here looking for a new home on the blue side of things. Over the last few weeks I have become a true addict of the “AllTheThings” addon. And am very excited about completing lists from there on the Alliance side. I would love to do that in a friendly guild environment that lets me play the game as I like to, helping eachother when needed and share my adventures with.
How about I create a toon or two on Sporeggar and see if we match?


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Hey Cotinga,
send an invite through the Looking For Guild tool, and we’ll have a chat!
See you on Azeroth!

Hey folks, the doors of the Adventurers Guild are still open !
Come and join us! Don’t miss out the chance to join a nice and friendly community!