[A] The Corrupted Guardians [4/8] H Seeking Raiders

The Corrupted Guardians Newly built guild. working to make a new platform for Raiders and Socials. However we’re also working to make a platform for our PvPers.

We’re seeking the following classes:

– Ranged Dps
Balance Druid, Arcane Fire Frost mages, BM/MM Hunter, Shadow Priest.

– Melee Dps
Survival hunter, Windwalker, Frost/Unholy DK.

What we expect:

  • A teamplayer.
  • Knowledge of tactics for the boss fights before the raid.
  • Having food, potions and flasks ready for the duration of the raid.
  • High raid attendance.
  • Good class knowledge to know the best setup for a boss encounter.
  • Independent class research for every tier, to keep on top of changes within your class in order to maximise your output.
  • Have patience during progression.
  • Able to have a laugh and enjoy the raid.
  • Sign up and Show up or tell us you can’t come, on the calendar and follow up within discord.

What we can offer you:

  • Players with the same mindset as you, progression while having fun.
  • An active guild who are always up for a laugh.
  • Raiders who are passionate about focusing clearing current content.
  • A relaxed environment.
  • Discord server as voice communication program as well as a place to hang out outside of raids with your fellow guild members and friends

How do i pass trial?

  • You will be in a trial period for two weeks.
  • Officers and raid leaders will then decide your fate based on your performance during the trial period.

Raid Times:
Tuesdays & Fridays
From 20 - 23 realm time
(With ALT runs at Sunday evenings)

To talk with a officer Mrhappybunny#2423 on battle.net Or add on Discord Billy#6728

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