[A] The Dawn of Destiny, brand new guild project welcomes you!

Hey there!

Welcome to the Dawn of Destiny!

I am approaching you to give you a little bit more about our guild. The Dawn of Destiny is the newly formed guild in Chamber of Aspects EU on Alliance.

I know we have not yet grown very large. But our hearts are even bigger. The guild was founded by a small group of passionate World of Warcraft players from just this same server. We come from both the Alliance and the Horde. Shadowlands has increased the intensity of the game, which has also been reflected in the feelings of the players, manifested as irritation, among other things. We do not want this. We have goals, and we’ve already seen a lot of endgame content on Shadowlands as well, both Mythic+ as well as Castle Nathria Normal raids. Above all, however, we miss the familiar, safe, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere which is why we created this guild.

We believe that the endgame content can be experienced together without a stressful atmosphere. If you’ve been looking for this too, you’ve come to the right place. The Dawn of Destiny was created for that. We are currently building a guild, but we have already organized weekly dungeons for all members every Sunday. Our goal is to get started with Mythic 0 as well as Mythic+ keys as soon as possible. For Castle Nathria we are not taking anyone outside of the guild community. We know that raiding won’t happen today or tomorrow as our mains are still located elsewhere, but eventually anything is possible. After all, Castle Nathria does not require 25 man in order to run it. Some of us might be bringing their mains in to The Dawn of Destiny during next couple of weeks.

Our guild is led by the council instead of one person. All decisions require joint approval. This also means your voice, as all ideas are taken into joint discussion. If you have an idea of ​​how we could develop The Dawn of Destiny community, let us know.

Once again, on behalf of the entire Council of The Dawn of Destiny, I warmly welcome everyone. Anyhow, you are joining or not, I wish you a wonderful New Year 2021!

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