[A] The Frozen Covenant - Cult of the Damned RP


As my lieutenant, you will gain knowledge and magic to surpass your most ambitious dreams. But in return, living or dead, you will serve me for the rest of your days. If you betray me, I shall make you into one of my mindless ones, and you will serve me still.

You will go forth and bear witness to my power. You will be my ambassador to the living, and assemble a group of like-minded people to further my plans. Through illusion, persuasion, sickness, and force of arms, you will establish my hold upon Azeroth. - The Lich King to Kel’thuzad

Years ago, a covenant was struck before a mighty throne to the far north; a covenant bound in life and death.

As these words echoed within his mind, Kel’thuzad wept upon the frigid, icy stone of a spiral that peaked at the top of the world. As his eyes shed tears, his body quivered with blood as an inhumane force bore down upon it, stripping the man of all but fear.

Yet, when the Archmage rose to his fate, he did so as Arch-Lich - Master of Naxxramas.

The mandate bestowed upon him was as clear as the ice that encased his king: absolute loyalty in exchange for absolute power. Through servitude, he would give birth to a world free from the shackles of mortality; free of stagnation and free of the hindrances that curse the living realm. He would give birth to a world in which he , and his followers, would rise to rule.

From the war-torn corners of Lordaeron, they meticulously bide their time. To what purpose? To Weep and bleed; to suffer and die- only to rise again. Powerful. Perpetual. Immortal.



The Frozen Covenant is a roleplaying guild of individuals bound to the cult of the damned. The guild came into creation at the start of Cataclysm on the realm ‘Defias Brotherhood’ and eventually moved to the realm “Argent Dawn”, and while it eventually disbanded, the core of its community stood strong. Now, we seek to re-establish ourselves as a guild on WoW Classic ‘Hydraxian Waterlord’. As one may know, the Cult of the Damned was founded by Kel’thuzad as a cult bound in service to the Lich King. Ever seeking to consolidate their power and establish a world in their master’s image.

Our approach to role-play:

The guild’s purpose is to only provide a proper premise for like-minded players to role-play on. As such, most of our role-play will depend on the activity of our members. We will organize role-play and hold key events, but our guild will not supply a constant flow of events. We would like role-play to fuel itself, and to encourage members to take initiatives.

With this approach, each member will have free reign to further the storyline of their character and that of the Covenant. The guild’s primary aim is to merely offer an atmospheric setting that stays true to the grim nature of the cult.

The thematic three (what we have to offer):

One truth in undeath:

Kel’thuzad’s teachings serve as the foundation of the Cult of the Damned, his philosophy being the very cornerstone of the cult’s ideals. Through role-play, we will attempt to indoctrinate our acolytes to our beliefs, and usher upon them the dark arts of necromancy.

The arsenal of the Scourge is vast, tapped through forbidden rites, dark rituals and necromantic sorcery. From conjuring a plague to channeling the power of a ziggurat, dark magic reaps great power. Along with our philosophy, we hope it offers interesting character development to all our members.

Subterfuge and sabotage:

The Cult of the Damned operates in secrecy, its members usually leading double lives to collect information and undermine the efforts of their enemies. They tempt others into the fold through charisma and corruption, and conspire against their foes to further the agenda of the cult. Whether it is a personal storyline or one stemming from the guild, subterfuge and sabotage is another vital part of our role-play, providing the intrigue and danger of cultism. Through communication and cooperation with other role-players, we hope that we can offer an enjoyable experience for all parties involved.

Terror, domination…. APOCALYPSE!

What good is the Cult of the Damned if they cannot further the efforts of scouring all life from the face of Azeroth?! Though we prefer taking a subtle approach and carefully prepare for conquest, warfare will very much be involved in our role-play!

The armies of the dead will rise to walk: skeletons, ghouls, geists, abominations – cold in flesh, but warmed by unity! One will they answer to, and one verdict they carry upon those whom dare to oppose us - DEATH!

Whether it is the Alliance, the Argent Dawn, the Scarlet Crusade, the Forsaken or the Horde, we will most certainly clash against our enemies.

And naturally, we’d be delighted to interact with role-players from across the server.

Membership and hierarchy:

The Cult of the Damned accepts most mortals whom would seek our vision, and our guild is the same. Make no mistake; you do not need to be a practitioner of magic to join our brotherhood. You could be anything from a lowly commoner to a knight of Stormwind, and you will find a place as a cultist amongst us with the role-play as inclusive as any other character.
Our hierarchy is quite simple: if one would start out as a Neophyte, they will progress through the rank of Acolyte to become a fully-fledged cultist. And then, the possibilities are many. Whether one wishes to focus on necromancy or shadow magic, all of that can be achieved through role-play. The same applies for our less-magically aligned characters.

One note we wish to make clear: despite the evil nature of our guild, we will never force any action or role-play on another without mutual consent. In the end, our main goal is creating a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone involved with us.

Have we caught your interest? Do you see our truth? Do you yearn for our salvation? If so, then feel free to contact Zalon.

Thank you for taking your time to read through our recruitment post, and we look forward to role-play with you, friend and foe alike!

Raise high our ideals and bring low our foes! Fold their broken into our number, until all serve the Frozen Throne!


Bump and best wishes to you guys! Looking forward to reading your roleplay in the future.

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Reserved for later use.

It is very good to see a Scourge/Cult of the Damned themed guild! Zalon himself is a cool Person, and I’d recommend this. :blush:
Best of luck!

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That sounds like a lot of potential for RP between my Kirin Tor character and your guild! Can’t wait to get to know you all!


you guys are good boys ooc but we’ll kill u in rp

support these boys


Thank you all for your kind words. The Frozen Covenant is growing both with members under the guild tag and members outside of it.
If you are interested in the cult life yet wish to remain in your own guild then you are able to do so, infact it can enhance the experience.


Smells like some serious heresy in here. Some Crusading is needed.


The roots of the Scourge are sewn in the folly of all races. Our rise to power is the product of the sins of those who mean our end. The so called ‘heroes’ of the land fall before us by resorting to a measure of our ideals to bring forth their envisioned victory. Their victory is a vehicle to the realization that without resorting to what they define as deplorability to achieve it, we would have overcome them instead. In both outcomes, win or lose, the Scourge invariably wins. When this is recognized, submission to our will is inevitable.

The Frozen Covenant is growing, each day new souls sees the truth and yearn for the salvation that only we can provide. We shall now start to do events with other guilds, looking forward to it!

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Added to the guild index!

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Just giving a friendly bump.

Had the pleasure of being a part of this nefarious community for years on retail WoW, and it led to great memories and undying (pun intended) friendships.

If your looking for a fine bunch of people to revel in undeath with, then look no further!


The Scarlet Crusade comes for you! Zalon!

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So long as the most attractive sins of the living remain our banner flag, there will always be those eager to flock to our will.

The cult stands strong! We’re growing and training a new generation of necromancers that shall bring about a paradise of eternal darkness.

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