(A) <The Goodfellas> Recruiting @Earthshaker for raiding


We are recruiting. We have moved over here (Earthshaker) from Noggenfogger and have a strong core of people who have raided together for 13+ years and played numerous games together before WoW!

What are we looking for?

Currently considering most classes but some which are in high demand are:
2x Holy Paladins
1x Resto Druid
1x Holy Priest
2x Warlocks
1x Hunter
All other classes of course are currently being considered as we build our raid team.

What can we offer you?

A laid back yet serious raiding environment. We know when to have fun and when to play serious and due to irl commitments and the fact that 90% of the guild have jobs, kids etc we understand how precious those few hours of raiding in the evening are and make the most of every minute.
We work as a guild, we help each other with everything from pre bis raid gearing to consumables, enchants etc. Everything we do is for the best of the guild not for any personal gain.

What do you need to join?

All we ask is you can follow simple instructions because lets be fair, classic raid content isn’t exactly difficult so we wont be asking for vanilla experience in particular, just any experience through the history of WoW raiding to a decent standard.

How can you join?

Add Scottejaye#2305 for a chat.

We look forward to talking to you.