The Great Danes (TGD) - [Alliance Firemaw EU-PvP]

:denmark: A Danish Only Speaking Casual Guild :denmark:

We are currently recruiting the following classes for our Raiding Roster (but everyone is welcome to join)

  • Healers
  • Dps

When do we raid?
Wednesday from 19.00 to 23.00
Sunday from 19.00 to 23.00 (when BWL is released)

What can you expect from us?
An adult approach with experience in guild management and raid leading from all expansions. Bone has been the guild leader since 2005 and with the rest of the officers managing The Great Danes & Bird is the Word from Retail WoW, an experience that has gained world ranks in the top 50.

Our mindset
The Great Danes (TGD) was created back in the early 2005. It is important to have a “casual attitude” towards the game if you want the best experience in our guild and thus do not set too high expectations for “endgame goals”, such as “Server First”.

We want to get together and experience the nostalgia, but we’re still going to play the whole of Classic WoW, which means we will clear Molten Core, BWL, AQ and Naxx without compromising everyday life. Expect an “slow and steady” attitude but with a serious mindset and effective “tried and tested” practicality, when it comes to guild-structuring and raiding.

Our members range from the family man and housewife, to the power gamer in the mid-20s with no inhibitions. However, the majority of our members are people who played Vanilla WoW back in 2005, which means our average age is somewhere in the mid-30s.

If you think this sounds interesting and awesome, feel free to contact us @ Discord or our ingame characters at Firemaw-EU.

Lemmydude, Slinki, Zakka, Eqoxls & Boneloc


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