[A] <The Law> New PvP Guild, Recruiting!


When I hit 120, I noticed a severe lack of Alliance PvP guilds on this server group. In-fact, only one exists in the guild finder and none of the members are ever online :frowning:

So I started one up! “The Law” [Alliance]

Hoping to aim for regular late night PvP but in reality I just want a guild full of players that are active and want to join other guild mates in pre-made battle grounds whatever time of day.

I have been a part of Bladefist since Vanilla, 'full-‘time’ up until Cata and then back and fore for every expansion.

It’s safe to say, like most who started playing since the beginning like myself, I have many more commitments outside of WoW now, hence the ‘late night’ suggestion.
That being said, although I am the ‘Guild Master’, I am not going to be the one who can lead BG’s etc. I have just started this guild in hopes to build an Alliance community for PvP players on this server group.

So in a nutshell, what we are recruiting:

  • BG Leaders
  • All Classes

It goes without saying… you need to be level 120 :stuck_out_tongue:


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