[A] <The Lovely Lads> recruiting! Almost no mandatory consumes, WBuffs Optional, instant catchup DKP! Wed/Thur Raids! #LadsOnTour

The Lovely Lads | Bare Minimum Consumables | World Buffs Optional | Smart DKP

Day 1 guild building low-cost, sustainable Naxx clears up to TBC! Chill vibes, almost no mandatory consumables, world buffs optional! We’ve created a chill, but high performance atmosphere, with transparent leadership and no drama ever. Here’s how we’ve done it:

:coffee: Sustainable Progression: Only 4 Naxx Bosses Have Mandatory Consumables, WBuffs Optional :coffee:

:small_blue_diamond: Beefy consumables (like Mongoose) are only mandatory on Patchwerk, Saph and KT! GSPPs mandatory on Loatheb! But that’s it!
:small_blue_diamond: No yelling on Disc, no drama, no rage.
:small_blue_diamond: Our volunteer-based bench system means you’ll (almost) always get a raid slot when you want one.

:ice_cream: Smart DKP - Catch Up Instantly With Fast Table Cycling :ice_cream:

:small_orange_diamond: Our system awards items to the highest points holder, at a fixed percentage-based cost, up to 95% for weapons. This means fast movement up the table for all players, and no hoarding.
:small_orange_diamond: Earn DKP by attending, not by kills - both our raid nights award DKP equally, with bonuses for progression.

:cut_of_meat: Schedule and Raid Info :cut_of_meat:

:small_orange_diamond: Progression: 15/15 Naxx
:small_orange_diamond: Raid Schedule: Wednesday and Thursday, 19.40 to 23.00
:small_orange_diamond: Consumables: Greater Shadow and Frost Protection Potions for Loatheb and Sapphiron. Mongoose/Spell Damage Elixirs etc for Patchwerk, Sapphiron and KT.

:beers: Classes Needed :beers:

:unicorn: Priest
And exceptional candidates from other classes will be considered!

To apply, simply join our Discord at this link and fill out the linked form! We’ll get back to you within 24 hours!


Still looking for a hunter, not got a spot for a fury warrior! Now doing 65 minute BWL clears.

Still looking for a dagger rogue!

i can join if you get me daggers

We’ll take another warlock if anyone’s interested in joining for tomorrow night’s raids!

Hey there!

Do you need a holy paladin that needs ret gear for pvp? :stuck_out_tongue:

Guild about to disband and looking for new home

We’re now 12/15 in naxx, using our minimum consumables, minimum world buffs, no sweatiness methodology! We’re expanding the roster over the christmas break too, with an eye on having a larger, longer-term roster to work with as we look at long-range farming.

Now looking for: Warlocks (highest prio), holy priests, fury warriors, rogues, hunters and mages.

Any questions, join our disc and ask!

Up ya go! Looking for a priest and paladin! 13/15 naxx after three weeks of progression, the cheapest naxx runs on the server! Currently farming epic FR for Sapphiron - meaning we won’t ask you to play your alts or use 500g worth of consumes per kill!

HELLO! Looking for a fury warrior, hunter, rogue, holy pally!

15/15 Naxx dad guild seeking dads! Hunter dads, fury warrior dads and rogue dads, ty.

Updated our recruitment status! Now just looking for a holy priest!