[A] The Mutineers (10/10N, 9/10 HC) recruiting 1 tank and DPS

The Mutineers is a 3 month old relaxed raiding guild looking for friendly and mature players (18+). Our core values focus on having fun whilst clearing out mythic keys to get keystone conqueror and at least heroic for each raid in Shadowlands but not at the expense of enjoying the journey.

We’re very active on Discord so if you’re chatty that’s a big plus but not the be all and end all

Current Progress:
Castle Nathria: 10/10 N, 8/10 HC

Raid schedule:
Tuesday - 8pm - 10:30pm (server time)
Wednesday - 8pm - 10:30pm (server time)
Friday - 8pm - 11.30pm (server time)
Occasional Optional Sunday Alt Runs to Timewalking Raids / CN Normal

We ask you can make a minimum of 2 days, 3 would be excellent but not a deal breaker

Raid days

we ask you know your tactics, bring flasks, pots and give it your best, we plan to push into mythic raiding once we’ve cleared heroic but with a relaxed fun atmosphere, we’ll go until we hit a brick wall :slight_smile:

The raid vibe is pretty relaxed but we switch on when needed, we ask that you focus when we’re pushing progression but recently on most content it’s been casual, with plenty of laughter, singing and when he’s not got covid “The Voice”

The people make the guild what it is, our discord server is busy with people posting memes or just shooting the breeze, we’re very active chatting, willing to lend a hand where needed, we do a lot together so if you’re looking for a guild with a thriving welcoming community then look no further

We’re not hyper focused on mythic+ but the guild is currently clearing 14+/13+/12+ keys with no bother in multiple groups, we’re aiming to get as many people as we can keystone conqueror and we’re slowly working our way towards that but if you just wanna come for the raiding that’s absolutely fine, if you don’t like PUG’ing keys then this is the perfect guild as we always try to push our keys in-house to improve as a unit

All classes are welcome we have a specific interest in the following*:

Any DPS classes (Elemental Shaman, Any Mage Spec and Demon Hunter Preferred)
1 Tank (Any class but prefer Brewmaster)

If you’re interested in joining and would like to have a chat whisper Alexthelight, Tinypope, Nelae or Aene in-game or message me on discord and I will happily answer all your questions about us (Strike (Alexthelight)#7270)

We hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:

Hi, I was wondering, I’m interested in switching guilds on my Resto druid(ilvl 215/216) and your guild sounds very interesting but I was wondering if I would have a chance to join the raiding team? Since I’m not dps or tank =)

Bump, we are now 9/10 HC and we are still on the lookout for a tank and any DPS specs, please message me ingame or add me on discord!

(Strike (Alexthelight)#7270)

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