[A] The Nuke and Turtle (Moderate)

< The Nuke and Turtle > [EU-PVP] are looking for players to join a Guild that values player individuality at the same level as content. We expect to grow a social family as well as a raid team, so we really do have something for everyone.

:small_blue_diamond: Our Goals
We intend to play Vanilla with maximum fun. We aim to have a populated voice chat, regular events and a positive attitude to players and progression.

Players are encouraged to pursue their own goals. We want you to choose a race, class and spec based on your interests. We don’t expect you to min-max your class, though if that’s your cup of tea then that’s fine too! We aim to strike the balance between getting things done and allowing player individuality. Solid experience of actual Vanilla at leadership level should enable us to accomplish this goal.

We want to foster good etiquette and spread it across the faction. If you like the idea of dungeon groups that help beginners and help each other learn, world questing that involves cooperation rather than competition, and patience over pessimism then this guild is for you.

:small_blue_diamond: You are…
A team player

:small_blue_diamond: Requirements

  • Mature + Patient temperment
  • Ability to speak/understand English at a basic level
  • Willingness to participate in Guild chat, Mumble and Events where possible

:small_blue_diamond: Recruiting

  • All classes + specs
  • Old players
  • New players
  • Casual players
  • Semi-Hardcore players
  • We’re also open to leadership roles, so if you see yourself as a raid leader, event coordinator, class leader or officer then please don’t hesitate to get involved!

:small_blue_diamond: Raid Times
Raid days are Sunday and Monday. 19:00-22:00 (UK) // 20:00-23:00 (EU)
We also occasionally raid on Wednesday to cover odd resets.
There is no minimum attendance requirement
We have regular community content outside of raid times.

:small_blue_diamond: Progression
Onyxia - 22/09/19
Molten Core - 07/10/19
On our first “speed-run” attempt we took and held the fastest MC clear on the server for several weeks. We will occasionally do runs like this just for fun and to see what we’re capable of.

:small_blue_diamond: Interested?

Find me on Discord Zelden#1134 or join the server directly with the code: pghfTVh

Questions welcome in the comments.

:small_blue_diamond: A little about me:
I started my WoW career in Classic as a Druid. A complete noob until 60, I played with a social guild which disbanded around the time of the Spanish exodus from Agamaggan. From there I joined a raiding guild and completed content in all Vanilla raids except Naxx.

Due to being young and not having understanding parents, I started TBC slightly late. After some time in some casual raiding guilds I moved to a more serious team and became a raid leader for SSC/TK content onwards. We cleared all content up to Brutallus.

From early WOTLK onwards my interest in WoW dipped and though I jumped in and out for periods of intense raiding it never took hold for more than a raid cycle. In my time outside of WoW I created a popular Tekkit Minecraft community which grew to become the largest FTB community at the start of that era. Following from that I spent some time as a Moderator and Community Leader at /r/2007scape. I also dabbled creating and raid leading some Classic guilds on a couple of PServer projects that died to cease and desist. Currently I can be found Moderating /r/EVE, /r/ClassicWoW and running a local PokeGo community of 1500 active members.

The current Guild project is created from scratch.

Thumbs up, the only alliance guild that doesn’t gank my alt when lvling in Un’Goro <3


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