(A) The Pancake Factory - 10/10 HC - Silvermoon

Updated 08-03-2021

The Pancake Factory - 10/10 HC - Silvermoon

The Pancake Factory is a new casual guild created by a group of veteran WoW players and friends, who will get curve and a few mythic bosses in a relaxed environment. We are a tight knit community and we know each other well. Whilst WoW is our main game, we also play a load of other games together while hanging out in Discord!

We are very much open to having social players in our guild/discord community and there will be no pressure to raid if you do not feel like doing so. We want everyone to enjoy their stay with us and enjoy Shadowlands with us <3

Raiding is focussed on heroic progression at a decent but not insane pace. After a while, we might have a sniff at some mythic bosses as well. We are looking for raiders with a good sense of humor, knowledge of your class and the capability to learn quickly and adapt to mechanics. Raid leading is done in a way that is dependent on personal responsibility, do the given task so the team doesn’t have to worry about it.

In regards to raiding, we operate by the mantra, “you play whatever class you enjoy the most” Meaning we will never force you to play the “Meta” spec/class or the current flavour of the month class. You do what makes you happier!

The raid environment is chill, with lots of banter before and after the boss fights. But knuckle down during!

Raid times are:

Fridays 19:30 - 22:15 Sundays 19:30 - 22:00

At the moment we are lacking the following classes/specs in our roster, though all applications will be considered:

  • Mage

  • Death Knight

The roles that are currently open are:

Healer x 1

Ranged DPS - Off spec healer would be fantastic

If you have logs to show, great, if not, no big deal! If you’re interested in raiding but don’t have much experience, we are open to you as well, we want to help you grow, however we may ask you to step down at any point during progress raiding.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in feel free to contact any of the following people!

We are looking forward to hearing from you,

Yours sinsyruply

iRScottay#2507 B.Net / iRScottay#6341 Discord

Storm#2848 B.Net / C2Kstreams#8871 Discord

Nennork#2285 B.Net / Nennork#3294 Discord

Tamari#21640 B.Net / Tamari#4112 Discord

Updated ^^ <3

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