[A] The Phoenix Reborn Recruiting for SLs


The Phoenix Reborn is a semi-casual Alliance guild located on the Aggramar/Hellscream EU realm that has been around since the early Vanilla release day.

Many members are ex-hardcore raiders who now just want to relax and have fun in raids and/or have real life commitments and families.


Progressing through raids at AOTC level with maybe dipping a toe into Mythic.

Working towards as many people getting Keystone Master

Now we are looking for more players to bolster our team in preparation for Shadowlands or just to make some new friends to enjoy the game we all love with.

Raid times:

Our current raid times are:

Thursday: 21:00st - 23:00st

Sunday: 21:00st - 23:00st

Besides raiding on these 2 days we also have M+ groups going on through the rest of the week and if possible the occasionally alt raid.


All classes and specializations are welcome to join our guild especially while we wait for people to choose mains (ranged DPS lacking it seems from requests)

What can we offer you?

A friendly funny family to raid and/or do M+ dungeons with.

Lots of banter in the discord (voice)chat during the days and more.

If The Phoenix Reborn sounds like a good fit for you please reply to this post or add WaltaJon#1263, Higurashi#21815, Saiho#21655 or Dorjie#2497 on battle-net for a chat.

Thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you soon!


I’ve added the battletags, cause I’m interested in joining. I’m a shadow priest.


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