[A] <The Red Lion> Recruiting

The Red Lion is recruiting for healers and dps to join our raid team. we are 10/10 Normal and 5/10 HC in Castle Nathria but would like to add more to our core.

We would also like to recruit people to be able to make an RBG team as well.

We are a fairly friendly guild but also a tight knit bunch, formed from a lot of players who dont just play WoW together. Our raid nights are Wednesday and Friday starting at 20:00 Server time till 23:00 (can change times if it needs to to suit everybody) with RBGs looking to be put onto a Monday night and if more interest a second day for RBGs as well.

If you are interested find my character name in game and talk to me there Casp - Scarshield Legion or find us on the guild finder.

Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

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