[A] <The Restless> Casual Curve Guild LFM

Hello everyone,

Our guild (10/10 N 4/10 HC) is recruiting fun people. We are a curve guild, meaning we’ve got curve on all raid tiers since our inception in 2009. Most people in our raid team have been with the guild for a really long time but we also have some new people who have felt at home rather quickly. Besides WoW, we also play others games together throughout the week whenever we feel like it.

We are a casual guild in terms of game time. We only raid once a week on Sunday server time from 19:00 til 22:00 with people of varying skill levels. We are looking for more members without any restrictions on roles/classes. We also do m+ (either low or high keystones depending on which members are online)

Are you someone who likes outspoken personalities and banter, and you are looking for a regular guild and friend group to play with, please send me a message on the forums or in-game.

We only take mains.

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