[A] The Sarnian Embassy - Recruiting for 9.2.5!


The Sarnian Embassy is currently an 8/11 heroic progression guild as Horde, currently based on Draenor. With the upcoming cross-faction possibilities for m+ and raid, and a lot of our playerbase wanting to focus on Alliance characters, we have established an Alliance guild to welcome all players on Bronzebeard(GM is based here), Aerie-Peak, Eonar, Blade’s Edge and Vek’nilash.

Whatever your main focus, our goal is to open up cross faction progression raid, m+ teams, as well as other cross-faction content, achievement raids etc, to give you as much opportunity as possible to feel as though you are progressing and have enough people to run content with!

At this time, we are still starting everything up on the Alliance side of things, so if you are looking for a friendly base on any of the above realms, please feel free to apply in-game, or you can head to our discord to have a friendly chat! See you there! discord.gg/Qp5uJ8Tu

Let me tell you something. i will never ever play alongside a horde. how you dare?

Then don’t. This is just for players who may be interested in running Alliance guild content (raids, m+ or just chilling), and the option for cross faction is there if they want to try that out too :slight_smile:

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