[a] the scarlet circle are recruiting

The Scarlet Circle is currently looking for a few more players to bolster our rank for further progression through mythic Castle Nathria raiding. We are an alliance guild on Chamber of Aspect that’s been around since vanilla who enjoy raiding and playing together while progressing through current content. We keep a relaxed and friendly atmosphere during our raids and other guild activities cause who likes getting yelled at in your spare time.

We are currently 2/10 Mythic looking for a healer and few dps of any class or spec. We raid 2 nights a week thursday/monday 21:15-23:30 server time with some other nights set aside for alt/chill runs through the lower difficulties.

What we’re expecting of you if you’re interested is that you’re able to attend the raids as much as real life would allow and that you are able to play to the level required for mythic raiding. Being a nice person is also a huge +.

If all this sounds interesting to you feel free to add me in-game, Paralyon#2106
or one of our officers, scar#2634 to ask further questions about the guild and our raidteam.

Looking forward to hearing from you and hope you’ll be a good fit for our guild!

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