[A] <The Smegheads> Heroic Raiding, Mythic+, Social recruitment

Recently formed Alliance guild built from returning friends and new members.
We’re recruiting members for raiding, mythic+ and also social members.
We have a core membership that has been raiding together since WoD.
We’re a relatively casual group but we always aim to get AOTC and we are quite active in running Mythic+.

Typical Raiding Times:
Thurs 8-11pm server time
Sun 8-11pm server time
We currently clear up to Raszageth on heroic in about an hour, and are needing more permanent guild members to progress on that fight.

If you’re interested or have any questions feel free to message either:-
Guild Master - Shawzy#2902
Officer - Upryse#2391
Raid Leader - Sandwiches#21831
Raider/Recruiter - Mistan#2877

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