(A) Town of Odyn: Mythic Raiding Guild 7/8H 1/8M

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UPDATED 07/01/2023

Town of Odyn are looking for enthusiastic, like-minded players to join us for Dragonflight.

Who we are

Created in February 2021, Town of Odyn is best described as a social, mythic-raiding guild. We have successfully raided each tier and our progress speaks for itself: we’re currently 7/8H, 1/8M…

Although we have a dedicated raid team that pushes mythic progression as hard as we possibly can, we still pride ourselves on creating an engaging and welcoming community of all types of players that does other content together.

What we can offer

  • A dedicated and reliable mythic raid team.
    Raid days and times 20:00 – 23:00
    Monday & Wednesday
    All times are server time. Invites go out at 19:45

  • A chance to prove you are capable of being on the mythic team, regardless of your previous experience. When spots open, members of the guild and Trialists will always be given a chance.

  • An atmosphere that encourages less pugging and more playing together outside of raiding, either in M+, PvP or other social events.

  • A well organised, structured, and dependable Officer team.

  • A well-stocked guild bank: consumables provided for as much as possible, within the limits of the guild bank. Farming runs organised: attendance encouraged - you get out what you put in.

  • A place where mistakes can be admitted honestly, and help sought without judgement.

  • An active, set up and well organised Discord, where homebrew memes and gifs are actively encouraged to tell the story of our adventures in Azeroth

What we are looking for

Currently, we are looking to recruit for our mythic raid team and would be interested in hearing from anyone from the following roles,

  • DPS roles

Outside of raiding, we welcome social members to the Town of Odyn. As a non-raiding resident, guild members are encouraged to join in all aspects of our community and get involved with mythic plus, achievement runs and other social activities.

What we expect from you

As a social player, or a potential raider, more than anything we’re looking for people who will be a good fit: players who are positive role models in the wow community.

From a raiding point of view, we have 5 hours of raiding time a week, which is shorter than average, to clear as much as we can: fast resets on progress are key. From our raiders, we need,

  • Focus so that you can play to the best of your ability

  • The ability to communicate clearly on Discord, and the self-awareness to know when to listen

  • Punctuality: ensure that you turn up on time, ready to go with consumables, talents and fully repaired

  • Resilience and a good sense of humour – we’re going to wipe, and on some bosses, this will be an ungodly number of times. It might suck, but every attempt needs to be as focussed as the first. But. The memes are gonna be great!

If you think you would be interested in joining, or just want to a chat, then please feel free to reach out to El, the Recruitment CL,

  • El#2240 (Discord)
  • Elysah#2126

or Cara, GM & Raid Leader

  • Caratascus #2710 (Discord)
  • Caratascus #1346 (bnet)

Look forward to hearing from you soon: fortune and glory await! :blush:

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