[A] <Tranquil Mind> - Casual 1 Day Heroic Raiding Guild


Tranquil Mind is a mature and friendly guild with a relaxed and positive atmosphere. A guild formed of like-minded people who love the game and everything it has to offer but who also have work, studies and/or family commitments.

To support this, one of the aspects that sets us apart from other guilds is that we only raid one night a week currently.

Current Raid Times
Fridays 20:45-00:00 server time. (CEST)

To us, having less time doesn’t mean less focus, we’re still clearing content up to and including heroic level. We’re not all about the raiding either, we’re looking for players who enjoy all the game has to offer, including weekly regular mythic+ runs on Mondays and other group content.

Your attitude and love of the game are more important to us than your gear and DPS logs. We love World of Warcraft and want to play with others who feel the same.


We are currently looking to increase our raid size for Battle of Dazar’alor.

DPS: Open
Healers: Closed, but we are looking for an off/alt-spec healer who can fill this role if a substitute is needed.
Tanks: Both tank spots are taken, but we are looking for an off/alt-spec tank who can fill this role if a substitute is needed.

We are also accepting social members for those who are not interested in raiding.

What we expect

  • Be a part of our community - Join in and group up as often as possible
  • Know your class - Be prepared to learn and improve to do your best
  • Communication - Be able and ready to join our Discord server
  • Positive attitude - Treat each other with respect

Contact us
Any questions or requests to join can be directed to:

Ceare (Ceare#2353) (Guild Master)
Nichee (Nichee#21164)
Siheals (Aubi#2784)
Boppit (Markiog#2156)
Vizzie (Ice#23651)


Come join us for adventures in BoD!


Still looking for DPS to join our raids, and socials are always welcome.


Celebrating 4/9 HC ! We still have a few spots for dps’ers in our raidgroup.


5/9 Hc, with just one raidnight (3 hours) per week! Yay us!


Hellooo! A friend and I are interested in applying and would love to join your raid team! We’re wondering if the DPS slot is still open?

I have tried to reach out to Ceare and Nichee on bnet but I’m not sure if they received my request? My tag is vaestro#11167.



sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve messaged you in game :slight_smile:



9/9 HC and looking forward to Crucible of Storms!


Looking for ranged and melee dps to join us in Crucible of Storms.

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