[A] Twisting Nether - DPS Looking for raiding guild


I am a returning WoW player and am now looking for a Guild on Twisting Nether for Alliance.

Personal Info:
26 years old
German (fluent in english)

Im Interested in raiding and tired of LFR groups.

My main right now is a Rogue (386ilvl)
I got alot of freetime currently and am willing to invest this time into making some progress or just raiding for fun.
If possible id like to bring a friend in aswell thats my age, currently plays a Shamen with about 375 ilvl.

Appreciate you guys reading this and hope to find some cool people,
kind regards Tharantos

My BattleNet: Tharantos #2968 my Friends BattleNet: BadNewsEri #2894

(Paljay) #2

Hi i added you on bnet :slight_smile:


*2/2 HC

Battle of Dazar’alor:

  • 1/9 Mythic
  • 9/9 Heroic

Raid Days (Servertime):

  • Wednesday, 20:00-23:00
  • Sunday, 20:00-23:00


Is a raiding guild, consisting of old and new players, We came from the guild Gits , that have a history all the way back to vanilla. and have always got AHOC .

What is the goal:

Our goal is to do regular mythic raiding with a group of like minded individuals.
The ambition is to clear the content while it is current, but the mindset we have is that we go as far as we can, as long as we’re having fun while doing it.
This means that even if we don’t clear everything, at least we’ll have had a blast trying and knowing that we did our hardest to get where we are. And that is good enough for us!

What do we expect:

We expect our raiders to always bring their A-game to raids.
People can have off-days, and that is alright. Just as well as people can have Real Life emergencies, which obviously wont be a problem either

for more infos contact me:
Btag: c0re#2104
Discord(prefered): jaycore#8306


alright sounds good. i dont have a friendrequest on bnet tho :grinning:

(Paljay) #4

weird can u add me?

(Paljay) #5

i tryed again a request


yea went through this time