[A]<Uprising> now recruiting raiders, M+ players and socials!


Guild: Uprising
Faction: Alliance
Server: The Maelstrom

<Uprising> is an established guild with a focus on end game progression whilst keeping things fun. We have built a social community and our raid team is currently progressing through Battle of Dazar’alor (7/9N 3/9HC), and also running M+ almost every day.

About us:
We’re focused on providing a social environment in which all our members can enjoy the game. Whether you’re looking for end game progression, some company in PvP, or just a glorified chat room, we aim to make your stay as welcoming as possible. The guild is ran by players with over a decade of experience, who understand that Real Life commitments come first.

We enjoy all aspects of the game and our aim is to run content together. Our raid team cleared Uldir (8/8 Normal. 8/8 Heroic, 1/8 Mythic), and then slowed down due to a couple of IRL issues with some of our players, and some just losing interest in the game.

Recruitment is now open for raiders, Mythic+ runners and casual members. We’re mostly looking for awesome people who will make us laugh, and when it comes to raiders we’re focused on the ability to learn and improve, working as a team.

Our doors are open for any and all to join and be part of our community so long as they wish to get involved - when it comes to raiders, we will consider anyone with the right attitude regardless of their current gear / experience so please do enquire if you are interested.


Casual: We are now recruiting members of all levels to join socially or casually. We are keen to add to our social community with players who enjoy M+ dungeons.

Raiders: We have a stable roster of core players and are looking for a few additions to complete the team we take into Battle for Dazar’Alor. This team has progressed through Normal, Heroic and Mythic together. Our minimum goal for BoD is obtaining AotC (9/9HC), then progressing in Mythic.

Tank: Low
Healer: Low
Ranged DPS: High
Melee DPS: Med
*all classes will be considered

Raid Schedule:
Wednesday: 21:00 - 00:00 Server Time (20:00 - 23:00 UK)
Sunday: 21:00 - 00:00 Server Time (20:00 - 23:00 UK)
Non-raid days have social/optional events such as Achievement/Mount runs, Battlegrounds, M+ Progression, Alt raid nights.

Contact Us:

Join us in our Discord ( discord.gg/jHwcqet ), and talk to anyone in the Council or straight up message Corbullus (Maramu#1497 on Discord).
In-game you can whisper Corbullus (BNet: Maramu#2983) or Vicro, or anyone from the guild if others not online, and they’ll direct you to someone to talk to.

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