[A] <Valour> Bloodfang EU - TBC

Valour is recruiting for TBC

Valour is a new guild created by a handful of people form several Bloodfang guilds - most of whom have TBC experience - with a clear vision: to have an efficient/high performing raiding guild for TBC, while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere where people can come to relax after a hard days work.

Since some of us are still raiding Naxx in their current respective guilds, we have decided to recruit only with TBC in mind. Our discord will be used as a staging ground until a release date is announced.

We have settled on Thursday/Monday as our raid days to ensure the weekend is open for our families/personal life.
Raiders are expected to have full class/raid knowledge + come fully enchanted’n’gemmed and with all consumables.
In each phase, whenever we clear all current content on our main raid day, Thursday, Mondays will become an optional day to raid previous content and with alts so you do not have to fully pug it.

With TBC in mind, we are currently recruiting a wide variety of classes/specs:

High demand:
People rerolling to Shaman!
Paladin (1 Prot, 1 Holy, 1 Ret)
Druid (1 Resto, 1 Moonkin)
Warrior (1 Prot, 1 dps)

Closed for recruitment:

We encourage all exceptional players and personalities to come and take a look in our guild discord. And potentially apply for a spot even if your class/spec is no longer listed.

Discord server ID: TqvvNShGPp
or contact us personally through battlenet:

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