[A] Vangarde - 9/10HC Recruiting

Who are we?
We’re a very tight social community, made up of RL friends and guildies. We have a mixed range of experience in Wow, from old Vanilla players to newbies, and hardcore raiders to social members. Raiding can be stressful at times so we built this guild to give our players the chance to see progress whilst remaining in a relaxed environment.

Guild History
VANGARDE (formerly The Exiled Vanguard) was founded in 2018 by a group of friends eager to play Battle for Azeroth together. After hitting the level cap the group decided to recruit some additional players for the upcoming Uldir raid and a social raiding guild was born. The team continued to grow over the next few raid tiers, improving their position on the realm HC raid rankings with each raid clear. Towards the end of the Eternal Palace, the team decided to start thinking about Mythic and started recruiting again ahead of the upcoming Ny’Alotha raid tier, with the intent of giving mythic raiding a good shot. We reached 6/12 mythic at the end of BFA.

Where are we now?
As we are all aware there has been a significant drop in the number of people playing WoW and as a team are we have seen our share of people deciding that they will be taking a break. This means that we are currently looking to recruit raiders to be able to continue our journey through the Shadowlands and back into Mythic raiding. We are currently 9/10HC in SoD. Check out the Apply section if you’re interested in joining us.

What else do we do?
Outside of raiding, we’re big fans of Mythic+ and we regularly have M+ runs scheduled. We also like achievement farming, social PVP, transmog runs, game lore, and playing other games together here and there.

Want to Join?
Our raids are;
Wed - Farm/Alt Run
Thur & Sun - Main/Progress Run
Raids are 08:45 - 11:30 Server Time
Contact any of our officers in game (Manatou-Kilrogg, Lilura-Kilrogg or Demondot-Nagrand) or feel free to add me on Bnet - Rickbu#2532

Current Recruitment is open to mainly DPS, preferably ranged.

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