[A] VII - 9/9M - Mythic Guild Recruiting For 10.2 and Beyond

VII, Emerald Dream, Founded in June 2005


Named after the seven friends who founded the guild, in June 2023 VII will celebrate its 18th birthday. This long-standing history is something that we’re particularly proud of!

VII is a Mythic difficulty 20-player raiding guild where the raids happen on schedule with almost zero cancellations. So, if you’re looking for a Cutting Edge guild where the raids take place when they say they will then look no further.

Our aim is to provide a friendly atmosphere with vocally active raid members, helping each other along the way whilst also maintaining continual and steady progression through the current content. Membership ranges from 18 to 50 with an average age of members somewhere between mid to late 20s.

As a guild, we try to balance all aspects of the game. We aren’t exactly a hardcore raiding guild, since we only officially raid for a total of 9 hours a week (3 x 3-hour raids with an additional and optional farm night on a Thursday). However, when we do raid we take it seriously.

We want our members to perform to the best of their ability so we can progress more easily as a team. Between raids, we also like to group up for all the other great things Warcraft has to offer and enjoy the social aspects of guild life at the same time.

Between main raids, we do expect players to invest time to make the most of their characters, such as doing World Quests, running Mythic+ keys, PVP content, etc.

As a team, we get involved in a lot of guild-based activities beyond official raids, including; Mythic+; achievement/mount runs; and battlegrounds. We believe this mixture of activities brings the much-needed variety to the game and guild life and hopefully avoids burnout from too many endless hours of raiding the same content.

So if you’re looking for a mature, stable, structured, social guild with a relaxed atmosphere that also offers end-game progress and a reliable raid schedule where raids don’t get cancelled, then you have found the right place for you!

You can apply through Discord which will also provide you with loads more information about the guild, the perks of being in VII and how to apply using the application form.

Feel free to contact us in-game for more information.

benjobanjo99#2736 BNET / BENJO#6927 Discord | Smaug - theleonking#21425 | Zekhar - reyleigh#2915

Re-Clear is well underway we’re still open to applications and love to hear from you as we continue through this tier and into the next!

Feel free to drop us a message!