[A] <Vision of Extinction> 2 day 9/10 hc

Vision of Extinction is a relatively new raiding guild made up of a mixture of ex hardcore raiders, real life friends and social players getting together to raid in a genuinely fun and drama free atmosphere. What started as a small group of guild founders has expanded to recruits from around the globe who have become core members, simply by joining and having fun and has quickly flourished into a great team.

We raid Mondays and Wednesdays 20:30-23:30 and have a very relaxed approach while still maintaining good progression.

After starting Heroic CN in Febuary, we are 9/10 and looking to consolidate the roster for Mythic and the next tier. Our main goals are to continue to progress in current content while maintaining an enjoyable, casual atmosphere.

We are open to any class/spec so if you like the sound of this, you can find us on the Guild Finder or contact us in game to apply or ask any questions

Nylia (GM) - Kiwi#2815

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