A Vulpera alone, but where do I RP?

*Eehi finds herself into the city of dust, as a smile curls up to the edge of that snout. She feels the grit that pulls her back to the days of chasing Vol’dun Sandstorms and scouring the remains of what was left exposed of the sand. Good times, but no more would she be scavenging for scraps or treasure among those dunes. No, now she would be seeking a new kind of purpose among the Horde.

Adventure. Companionship. Among her own kind or perhaps even among those outside of her elk, perhaps even beyond the very concept of a Caravan? Either way, one paw at a time to the ground she found her way inside.*

Phew! Now that’s over with you’re probably wandering what this post is about. I see a lot of guilds on the list and it’s all a little overwhelming for me.

I’m looking for a RPing home for Eehi and am wandering if there are any homes out there accepting Vulpera! Perhaps even outside of purely Vulpera guilds/communities and any that have a more reaching hand towards the often poorly represented Vulpera.

Any suggestions about certain guilds? Any suggestions about where I should land myself to find RP? Where can I really put my weird Shaman who doesn’t think she’s a Shaman and see her grow as a character and flourish in modern world of Argent Dawn? Is there anything or anywhere I should avoid?

If you need more information about Eehi, I have made an AA page and filled it out to the best of my ability! Short, snappy. A bit of what she’s about if it helps find a place where she fits well.

Chase the Sandstorms!

Here is a couple

[PCU] Vulpera RP - The Dustpaw Caravan :fox_face: - Argent Dawn - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

[PCU/H-RP] The Bilgewater Cartel - Military, Merchants, Missions and Moolah! :moneybag: - Argent Dawn - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)


I am sure if you just follow the dunes you will find a place (pssst we are usually online from around 20 until 22, thats your best shot in whispering me if you are interested in a caravan that lives their old nomad ways :wink: )

Hey gamer!

As well as the guilds advertised above -both very good I can confirm!-, if its adventure you’re after I run a guild that’s all about travelling to the weirdest parts of Azeroth to fight the supervillains nobody’s ever heard of, if that’s your cup of tea!

Either way, good luck!

UGh… I knew I had forgotten something… How could I forget fighting all them villains… Sorry Kaity…

A lone Vulpera ? Now this won’t do ! The Dust Scavengers, and the Vulperas as a whole, have not endured this long by leaving their people behind ! Though our caravan is currently living the true Vulpera life of wandering away from the big cities, you may still find our people at their outposts in Orgrimmar or Dalaran ! Look at the great leaflet !

(That’s just to say, don’t hesitate to shoot us a whisper if you want a gander at embracing a large and traditional Vulpera caravan that perpetuates the ways of the dunes and exploring all throughout the wider Azeroth)

Whew, thanks for the suggestions! I’ll read what’s linked and look up if Eehi is a right fit for any of them! Though feel free to suggest anything else on top, or any wisdoms for playing Vulpera you might have.

I’m all ears, and so is Eehi!

Boy have I got just the guild for you if you’ll just uh… come behind that shed over there with me.

Don’t mind the knife.

Jokes aside, I’d check out the Dustpaw Caravan as mentioned above! They’re a really cool bunch and a blast to RP with :slight_smile:


Sus… Very sus…


Dustpaw and the Dust Scavengers are both nice, I’ve interacted with them both over the years and generally they have been consistent in their quality!


The thread itself is dead now but I said my opinion about giving Vulpera justice there as well as many others did.
In short, we are survival nomad traders, which is simply a lot of fun for rp.


Twin tails Caravan. Motley drifters. Dust Scavengers… And of course the Dustpwaw Caravan.
Mirrages of the Sands too. Only Vulpera Caravan guilds I know of that are currently active.

Although I might be biased I’d recommend the Dustpaws. Daily events and adventures!


Many great suggestions so far.
Some even with their own Forum Posts so you can take a look at what they offer.
Take all the time you need to choose one and if it doesnt fit you can always choose and try out annother :fox_face:
There are no limits.
No matter which one you choose, i am sure they will be happy to have you :slight_smile:

Pardon my ignorance, but what’s an “AA page”?

Argent Archives, it’s a site that lists events, guilds as like a sister option to the official forums though i’m only recently dipping my toes in there so it might be more than that.


We’ve been mentioned already and I’m a touch late, but the Bilgewater Cartel -does- also hire vulpera as mercenaries / part of a pseudo-rank colloquially known as the Sand Scouts!

We’re definitely industry / money focused as a goblin cartel, and our vulpera are similarly accustomed to more sellsword or mercenary archetypes, but if you are interested in that, then give us a check!

In terms of more traditional Vulpera guilds, the ones mentioned above are brilliant though (with some added bias towards the Dustpaw on my end, they’re great), so you’ve a load of options!

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