[A] Wardanes - Danish social/casual guild

Hello and welcome to Wardanes

We are an established Danish based guild made up of new as well as old players who decided to throw ourselves into Wrath, either for the first time or as a nostalgic re-acquaintance. At the moment we are 100 members ingame - with more coming slowly but surely.

We can probably best be described as a social guild, but with ambitious casual raid desires – meaning most of us have families, kids, full-time jobs etc, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to raid hard. We will never be a hardcore raiding guild, but we look to do our very best and be successful. We do however manage to do so without having attendance requirements, DKP, parses or gearscore.

We pride ourselves on plenty of jokes, great guild atmosphere and lots of hygge.

We run two raid teams:
“Two-nighters” - raid Wed/Sun from 20.30-23.00 - currently 10m, but looking to form 25m roster in time
“One-nighters” - raid Wed 20.30-23.00, for the folks with limited time. Solely 10m content.

If you have greater raid ambitions, then what we can offer – you are welcome to play both here and there, totally fine with us. We are mainly about the social aspect – and respect that you might want something more. But do be sure to join the guild on a character anyway and become part of the family.

If we have at all caught your interest, stop by the discord server for a chat, see if we might be a good match. We would love you have you with us – and look forward to great things to come!


Link to our discord: /Hs7eXMgARB

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