[A] <Wild Cards> Looking for DPS (9/9)

About us

Our guild dates right back to vanilla where we originally played on Bloodfeather server with a successful raiding history all the way up till the end of Cata. Our core moved around a bit after that, with a period on Nost (private server) and Legion mythic raiding.

What are we looking for?

Firstly, we are not a hard core guild, but we are organised. We are looking for people who want to raid, but we want to strengthen our community as it has been a corner stone of our guild for more than a decade.

We also expect all members to understand our guild rules and to adhere to them. Members are considered as ambassadors of the guild and we want to enforce positive opinions across our fellow players.

When are we raiding?

Days and times are below (server time):

40 man Wednesday 20:00 to 23:00 (AQ40)

40 man Sunday 20:00 to 22:30 (AQ > BWL)

20 man randomly during the week (dependant on reset).

Loot system is a list based EPGP system.

What are we looking for?

For raiding positions, we are looking for the following classes to refine our team.

DPS (all classes considered, except shadow priests)

Eligible candidates must be available for both 40-man raid days where required. We’re not looking for people who won’t be available Sundays when we are looking to progress.

Please note – socials of any class/spec are welcome.

Current Progress?

AQ40 (9/9).

Find out more, then contact me in game via the following:


Or join our Discord!


Still looking for mages guys. We need 2 to finish off our core team

Recruitment updated.
Now looking for a dps warrior and a holy priest.

Just looking for a hunter now.

Still looking for all the hunters out there

Hunter position filled, now looking for a Mage and a Warlock.

Still looking for a mage and warlock.

AQ is nearly here!

Still looking for a few people to complete our team!

Opened recruitment for all ranged dps

We are still looking for some Ranged DPS :slight_smile:

AQ40 started 6/9 Looking to fill the roster now.

Progression in AQ has gone good and we are now 8/9 (only Viscidus left).

We are also recruiting all ranged DPS (this includes you Boomkins) and 1 Healer.

Wild Cards are still looking to fill the last couple of raid spots, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Recruitment updated, also 9/9 AQ40

Please check for the most up to date recruitment :slight_smile:

Current recruitment updated.

Recruitment updated

Still looking for a few people to join the main team

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