[A] Wildhammer/Thunderhorn recruiting all for Martyrs of Mordheim

Heyyalls out there :slight_smile:

Martyrs of Mordheim is a 12 year old Alliance guild from Silvermoon which recently moved to Wildhammer/Thunderhorn to start a fresh with new members, a positive attitude and lots of activity.

What we are so far is a chucklesome, hilarious, screaming and ludicrous guild. We like to pull each others’ legs and just have a good grin all the while we try to do mythic dungeons or island expeditions (and future raids to come).

What we offer is a chill relaxing environment where you don’t need to worry about your class, your rotation or your gear, because we will help you out with all that if need be.

What we want from you is simple, be a good respectful person, help out if you can, join up for events if possible and socialize with the guildies :slight_smile:

If you think this might be the guild for you, or if you have any questions then feel free to contact me on this battle.tag:…


See you in game :wink:

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