[A] <Your Choice> HC raiding guild, recruting dps

We think good company is what makes this game so great. Our aim is to put up a steady and solid raiding team, getting AotC all while still having a laugh. First and foremost, we want this guild to feel good for all members, regardless of their skill, item level, age, gender, and we like to keep all members engaged in the guild activities. Being rude, disrespectful and selfish is not appreciated and has no place in our community. As a member of the guild, help the guild in your own special way to make it even better!
We are currently bolstering our heroic raiding team (DPS, preferably ranged) as well M+ groups (10-20 key range). However all players are welcome to join for whatever content they prefer to do (M+, achievements, mog runs, PvPā€¦).

Raid Times/Days: Monday and Friday 20:15-23:00 ST
Current Progression: 9/9 Normal, 9/9 Heroic
Recruitment Contacts: kobra157 or bam0212 (Discord)

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you :slight_smile:

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