Abandoning mythic runs, without penalty

How comes in a game of co operation, i bet my +12 key for other ppl, and after tank dies 1 time, he leaves group, without any punishment??
i dont even have a way to figure ouit if that or the other guy will be willing to stay for the vault, it has to be like after 2 leaves per week u get deserter for a day
Thats my feedback and i hope it will improve the game, and toxicity

Having problem with leavers? Don’t like the risk of running with randoms? You are in luck, my friend, for there is a solution available to you, right here, right now, free of charge!

Run with people you trust, simple as that. How do you do that? Join a guild, a community, or start building a large network of friends. You don’t need a pre-made team. You just need a large enough pool of trustworthy people you can ask if they want to do a key together.

It doesn’t only solve the leaver problem, it also gets rid of waiting hours applying and getting declined, and pretty much renders RIO irrelevant too. So good. Also so very easy to do with one simple trick: talking to people, socializing, adding them to your friend list after a good run.

That is true, but not everyone has people to play WoW with even in Guilds.
On my Rogue after leveling I have changed about 9 or 10 guilds where there were around 100+ people online at the time and once you ask if anyone wants to join you, nobody responds and that makes you feel like you are in a desert searching for water. Because of that, it basically becomes the same as searching for a group in LFG.

So make more friends. Had a good run? Add them to your friend list, and whenever you want to run a key, ask them first.

The advantage of doing that is that you’re adding people who are interested in M+, while a majority of a guild may not be. They also persist when you change guilds, or even servers.

The more the merrier.

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