[A]<BEAST> guild recruiting new adventurers!

BEAST is a guild that wants to connect starting (and experienced) players so that we can learn and enjoy the game together.

The guild is run by players with years of game experience and we welcome everybody looking for company.

We have these core values:

  • Bring a good mood
  • Eager to learn
  • Accept someone the way (s)he is
  • Support eachother
  • Together is better

We are in particular seeking:

  • 2 healers at (or close to) lvl 60 with some dungeon experience.
  • 1 tank at (or close to) lvl 60 with some dungeon experience.
  • A few melee dpsers
    In addition to that we are always looking for players with few experience to the game and want a group to learn it with together.

In order to join us you need to:

After a little chat to get to know eachother a little bit you’ll be invited to join if there is a good match.

Hope to see you soon!

Just a small update:

We’ve just updated our recruitment thread over here: [A][Eonar] <BEAST> seeks you! Do you have what it takes to..... make fun? Experience a fun time with great people in our guild! - #11 by Thorck-eonar

In short:
BEAST has been very succesful in growing towards a large guild (>50 active characters). We are specifically looking for players who share our key values.

We are still looking for many new future friends, but in particular one tank for our weekly dungeons would be very helpful.

Applications can be made on: https://beast-guild.enjin.com/recruitment
If you like a chat first feel free to whisper any of our members or have a personal chat with me. My battletag is Thorck#2781

Wishing all of you much fun in the game and hope to see you in green chat soon!

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