Abilities Not Doing Expected Damage/Healing in Fated Raids

We are aware of and working on a bug causing some player abilities to malfunction in Fated Raids.

Our investigation so far has revealed a complicated problem that we do not expect to be able to fix quickly.

This is a top priority for us, and we’ll provide updates as soon as we have them.

there’s a list of affected abilitites/classes on wowhead. (so you actually know what’s going on)

So for mages the (US) advice is “Just play another spec than fire or arcane” :sweat_smile:

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hey there is an other problem didnt read anything bout this. I cant open My Dungeon finder with the new dungeons. The old one works but atm i have Iron Docks and if im click on List Groupe nothing happens … that sucks a lot!

Can any1 help me pls

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Can we get the old affixed system back please? This new one seems even shiitter than that, hard as it is to imagine.

Also what did you do to unholy dks? Feels like a 50% DPS nerf compared to yesterday :frowning:

Same advice as for non frost mages: play different game :frowning:

Sounds like non of this garbage will be fixed anytime soon, if at all.

I guess the pros are too busy trying to make flying into content in 10 to have time for this.

When is wrath pre patch?

When is Microsoft gonna save us?

And the problem goes on. Guys pls i cant play Mythic Plus thats the only thing i do at the Moment in world of warcraft retail. I cant list the new Dungones Grimrail depo, or iron docks and i have only these keys. And it only dont work with the new one pls fix it i waste so much time !!!

30 minutes ago, we deployed a fix for a number of abilities scaling improperly in Castle Nathria.

This had the unintended effect of resetting active Castle Nathria instances. We apologize for this.

Abilities should behave correctly now. We’ll continue to watch this issue very closely.

Is this just a fix for cn or m+ as well?

Is sire still levitating?

As we’ve examined this and related issues, players noticed our fix seemed to come at the exact time bosses’ health appeared to go up.

We’ve looked into this very thoroughly, and it looks like the issue with spell scaling was also causing enemy health to display incorrectly. The same fix that addressed player abilities like Blade Flurry and boss abilities like Soul Spikes behaving incorrectly, also fixed how enemy health was displayed.

Looking closely at logs of raids before and after the fix, we believe that the effective combat time and difficulty of the raid has remained unchanged.