Abom Limb pvp nerf

Blizzard’s explanation was that it was “annoying” for other players. Excuse me? If a capstone talent on a 2 min cd isn’t annoying for enemy players then something is wrong. Meanwhile warrior spear still pulls a target back an unlimited number of times which feels more annoying than abom limb did. Someone at Blizzard hq seriously hates dks.


I agree the nerf was stupid for abomination limb.

It would be nice to see either the nerf reverted or enabling abomination limb to apply a slow or grip a target at least twice as a compromise.

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Oh yeah, That is a good point when compared with Spear of Bastion. Though it needs to be targeted properly, not that a boomer can dodge it in time with teleportation ability anyways. I dont usually play DK, but I’ve enjoyed the very little I’ve played UH, Frost is terrible.

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Honestly, Frost have the potential, problem is mainly that it is very easy to counter many doesn’t even have to think about it.

there is 100% hatred for dk players or class maby even some role of racism not sure
but if dk is good he counters rogue mages wich i am sure are the classes that devs play


https://youtube.com/shorts/DgrLx5aozKk?feature=share check this :smile:

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