Please bring back the abomination pet for DK in dragonflight, it was so fun in the past!


I just logged into the beta and it’s still there in the pvp talent section.

I think he’s talking about the leion Sludge Belcher talent that replaced your ghoul pet with abomination and had a hook ability which was functioning like death grip.


Those talents are for like 5% of all players. I wished they would give talents to all, not just PvP. I mean, PvPplayers can use the PvEtalents too, why not vice versa?

According to dataforazeroth website 10% of players got combatant one which is the lowest rated rank in pvp this season meanwhile 5% of players managed to get slime cat mount and 6% of players got keystone master, and this is not considering the fact that most players just queue random bgs for their gear, so no pvp talents are not for 5% of players and pvp is atleast 50% of the game since blizzard killed pve in s2 and s3 of shadowlands.

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