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Dont play with this guy. Remember during first week of the game i was doing SM cathedral xp runs. He constantly removed power word shield from priest because he needed rage generation and deal more damage. When the whole point was for him to run in and gather all the mobs so we could aoe them down. After a while going in and pulling 20 mobs and dying because he dispelled his power word shield, he left. Then he said that we clearly dont know anything about classic because he wanted more dps as a tank. Hes also a massive ninjalooter, just stay away.

Thats some real damning evidence you got there.

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Yeah, sounds super legit

AOE grinding dungeons for XP is the work of the devil.

Seems like u don’t fully understand how warriors work.

They need to either hit with their auto attack or get hit to generate rage (their resource). The “getting hit” part is the biggest rage generation part, especially if u’re not dualwielding with fury spec.

This means, that when u place ur shield on him, he is unable to generate rage, because he’s no longer taking damage. And without any rage he can’t use his AoE abilities to actually keep the aggro on the mobs, meaning they’re very likely to run around and wipe the group.

Now, i wasn’t there, but i feel he should have taken smaller pulls, and maybe ur group composition wasn’t the greatest for spellcleave / meleecleave.

Also, 1 last thing. naming and shaming is against the ToS and might get u in trouble on the forum. Can be read on this link:
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