About "engaging game play"

Good Morning coffee in LA :slight_smile:
Thank you for a good game.
I’ve been playing the game for 15+ years. Started with my son because his English wasn’t too good. He has left some years ago - I got hooked.
Here is my take on the subject of engaging game play and where there’s room for improvements …

In many ways it looks like it has become more and more, of an elitist game.

  • Professions have become so difficult, that only elite guilds have the capacity to get to max.
  • Getting gear a little above average is so difficult, that you can’t do it, if you are not in a top guild.
  • I like what you have done around elist wanting to join eg. lfr - please find more of that :slight_smile:
  • Also let us many, that do not do M+ or raiding above lfr, have other ways of getting almost as good gear. You can make it harder to get, but only getting to a little over 420, with lots of hard work, is not that fun, when you know 450 is for the elitist.

Why is it - that the game is soo difficult, that I have to spend more time on wowhead trying to figure out, what to do, than actually playing the game ?

Why is it - being a mount collector - That I have to “wait the game” rather than “play the game”.

  • Waiting around for hours and hours - to have a slight chance of a mount, is NOT “engaging game play” !

Why is Transmog not free ?
I have found / earned the gear. - I have paid to transmog it once. - So why do I have to pay again and again to look like I want to ?

  • Looking good - apparently cost so much, that I have to look bad …

On a smaller note:
How can it be, that SoO has a skip - And all that tries it, gets disconnected ?

  • How on earth can that have been tested ?
    • It seems strange: developer or tester makes skip, tries it out, gets a DC - oh well - that was just bad luck, so go for production ?

Please let it be possible to remove that annoying Zzz animation above the head.

  • There must be a better way to show I’m in a rested area…

I have more eaxamples …
Bottom line: Please think more about us many bread and butter players - not just elitist…
From a person that have been playing WOW for many many years.
I like the game, but you can do better.
Wishing improvements …

Regards, Rene

[Edited - Do not call out individual developers - Welcome, Please Read!]


I almost have every proff to max, and guess what? Guildless, tradeskills arent difficult their a time sink, thats for sure but 0 difficulty.

M+16s arent top guild only content, its extremely easy. Pugs manage everything uptoo +20s without much issue

437 is the highest u can go withojt m+ or premade raiding.

That is almost good gear, ur 10 ilevel beneath a mythic raider for ALOT less “hard work”.

Its not difficult. And ive barely used any sites to engage with the game lol, copy and paste builds mainly.

Eh kinda been the open world trend of the genre.

500g for a trasmog rly isnt expensive.

If u buy a pint of milk do u expect when u return to buy another its free?. Like any service u pay per time

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I have maxed every profession, I have no elite guild, most of them are even in my own bank guild. I’ve had NO help from any guild. I’ve just levelled my way through. I don’t engage with trade either.

The knowledge is what takes far too long and has no catch up. Out of all the professions so far I’ve only maxed Tailoring and Enchanting knowledge because they are on my main.

Don’t get me wrong, I dislike some of the aspects of the overhaul to professions. I strongly dislike the knowledge system and how long it takes to get to cap it all, I dislike all the ranks of materials and the five ranks of outcomes.

I am not sure what you consider average. I’m in a casual raiding guild that clears heroic and dabbles with the first few bosses then goes on a break. I have an item level of around 444. Mythic plus is very accessible as is the upgrade system. Pugging raids is also not horrendous, although the last couple of bosses can cause groups some issues. The catalyst allows you to convert items to tier.

I don’t actually know what this one means.

The content you do reflects the item level you can get up to. Someone who clears LFR raids does not need an item level equivalent of someone who raids Mythic. There is some scope for upgrading drops and there is far more overlap with ilvls between the tiers.

Most things are explained by the game. Ofc if you get stuck or skip the tutorials in game then there is always wowhead, icy veins etc. It’s great such resources exist.

Very few mounts require camping for long periods of time out of the huge number of available mounts. If you don’t want to camp for 12 hours then don’t do it. I agree it isn’t engaging, it’s dull.

I wish it was free too.

I would presume the bug didn’t occur on the PTR but I didn’t test so can’t comment myself. I tend to avoid the PTR because of spoilers.

Be sure to do a bug report in game, and lets hope they manage a quick fix.

I can’t say I find this an issue but everyone is different. I’m afraid it seems like a non issue to me.

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This I do agree with.
Certainly the new Profession system has a perception problem. I have been put off even starting as it seems quite daunting and as I’ve not started yet it’ll take so long to level these up that I’m not sure I’ve even bother.
I used to do my professions later in the expansions anyhow and usually leveled them up to make some gear for my alts (though not really done that since WoD).

The way to make professions interesting is to have them make interesting things not by turning making the same old things more complicated. Nor to make the materials more complicated with ranks.

As for gearing, it’s ok if a bit slow. I’m 411 and only need a coupld of Veteran pieces to have a full set. It will take me a while to get all the Drake crests though. meh, no rush. Earning Drake crests outside of M+ is rather slow as most things seem to reward Whelp crests.
I’ll be fine with 424 when I get there, that’s enough for the open world content I do.

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Getting gear a little above average is so difficult, that you can’t do it, if you are not in a top guild.

stopped reading here. wth are you even talking about ?
you can pug your way to 2k rio and clear hc with randoms in a week

you have crests that upgrading your items up to MYTHIC TIER
(btw thank you ion, i love crest system dont listen to clueless peoples like OP)

btw if u aim for above average gear you actually no need 440+ item level.
oh i know, u want to be over geared with minimal to no effort ?


Indeed and other aspects are nice, like you can make gear for other players via the work order system.

I don’t like that the bulk of work is done via private orders and that public orders are a waste of space since the change that materials are no longer required. I tend to make things for my friends on personal orders but I avoid advertising in trade and having to deal with random people. That’s a me problem ofc.

I am only the occasional crafter so idk how long it actually takes since I only spend like 5% of my time actually crafting stuff at best… But I have almost 2 trees in mining and blacksmithing maxed out… Just from the weekly rewards and dragon shards that can be traded in.

That’s absolutely wrong. I am close to 441 levels (with only a few slots holding me back on the average number) and I reached that level both thru crafting and M+. It is really easy with the new upgrading system.

Have to disagree here. Why would you care about high GS if you don’t need it for the content you play? That’s like saying you want a Bentley when you only need a bike to go to the store a few streets down.

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The game is complex and tends to favour hardcore players, those who do raiding and dungeons in particular.

When DF came out there was a lot to take in with new systems. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to navigate and focus specific content.

It can also mean a focus on stuff you may not want to do frequently over other fun stuff, to keep up and not be left struggling to do recently ‘deceased’ content.

I haven’t maxed out a single profession, I wrongly chose to put points into a specific piece of gear on one character and the recipe became obsolete for that character long before her skill level catches up.

There is a slow path, and it is slow… it also means joining groups for open world content.

This is only slightly useful for alts. The catch up gear tends to be quicker, but again relies on short term open world group content.

Meh really depends on perspective, but I don’t see a reason why transmog costs gold in the first place.

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well for the same reason everything costs gold i guess.

Not really even the most casual players have almost every proffession maxed out so your statement is not true.

Because gold is basicly free in this game

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