About forbidden names that can get you banned


Stepmom, Stepdad, Stepson etc…, are they breaking the ToS or something? Is it ok to name my characters like that.
I’ve read the ToS and they seem to be perfectly fine, also they don’t seem offencive or anything.



I suppose it would depend in what context those names would be used. Generally speaking, they would indeed be fine. In addition to the Terms of Use, have a look into the World of Warcraft Naming Policy and Role Play Naming Policy.

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Well going by some of the names seen on servers these are pretty harmless. There are plenty of rude, racist and obscene ones that seem to get skipped over.

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If names are racist or obscene, you should report them.


Well, the only thing that could happen is that guilds don’t want your name in a raid then they need to ask you over discord to heal the tank and your name is “Salty Stepmom”.

I have had some issues with my name (Sephora) and Swedish players threaten to report me, sins It is obscene in Swedish language but sins I play in an English speaking guild that is not an issue. :smirk:

On the other hand, I have played many years with players named things like Beanflicker, most names work as long as there isn’t anyone that get upset.


Back in Burning Crusade, I was in a guild called “Zapped Girls Cant Say No” it was renamed to “The glorious guild” by a game master and the guild leader got a 24h warning for it. I have seen that name again today in BFA and it seems ok now.

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No. No it’s not. The others just haven’t been reported yet.


Ah ok, that seems logical. Is there any information on how many that need to report a name before any action is taken?

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No, but if it’s really bad I would guess it would be banned straight away.

Incidentally to me, as a non Swede, Sephora is a French beauty products/perfume chain of shops.


It did find the name in a store selling cosmetics when I was trying to come up with the name for a new character. The Issue is that ‘Se’ and ‘C’ do sound similar in Swedish (which I did not think of at the time), and CP stands for ‘Cerebral Palsy’ and ‘hora’ is simply the word for a girl that is selling her body on the street. So that is how a few Swedish people are pronouncing the name.

Edit: Hora in Latin is time measurement. Example: ‘In Hora’ translate to ‘in the last hour’.

But that was not my intent, my alt characters are named Inezza and Ciaté.