About half of my keybinds aren't working

Last time I played was back in June or July and now several of my keybinds have stopped working. The binds show correctly in the keybinds menu, but refuse to work ingame. After rebinding the keys to the same key it changes. For example § turned into /, Å is ], Ä is ’ and so on. The only thing that has changed is my keyboard, but it works normally with all of my other games, when typing etc so I’m confused. Anyone have any idea how to fix this? And yes, I’ve already tried ALT+SHIFT just in case.

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Might be a dumb question - but does your computer change your keyboard language when you launch WoW? Because that would move certain keys to wrong positions when you click.

This is known bug of 9.2

Unsure if it will be fixed but for now only solution seems to be rebinding your keys


Ah, thank you. That thread didn’t pop up my searches. Quite sad that this issues was reported on PTR and it still made it to live.

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Bruh, they’ve let several bugs go live even from the beta. Most egregious that I’ve known about was one that stopped you from continuing past the heart of azeroth quest at the start of BFA, because you already had it so you couldn’t finish the quest because it was unique and you couldn’t destroy it.

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