About outlaw rogue

Just delete this god forsaken, RNG ridden abomination spec, and restore combat, as it was in WoD.

That’s it. That’s my post.
Have a nice day.


Just delete rogue, everybody happy.

That’s just my 5 cents.
Have a nice day :sparkling_heart:

'twas a bit rude, innit mate?

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I abwsowutely agwee uwu >\\<

I know one THING they can change to make Outlaw more enjoyable!

Let us choose one baseline buff that always comes up while throwing the dice. And add more effects to the game that gives us a chance to get an extra buff while dice is up.

Also fix the hook… please f i x it.

And remove the aoe cap.

Thats more than one but I have adhd and I come up with tons of ideas. This is why we must let adhd people work on game balance and give them some huggiewuggies.

Edit: ALSO bring back the unique buffs you get while carrying weapons. Sword=double hit chance and so on:D

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Yes please, I already forgot that this existed. It was so cool that the spec was something of a weaponmaster, and every weapon type provided a specific bonus. Good idea.

I would be fine if blizzard at least gave us the chance to build a rogue, that’s similar to how the combat rogue was, I would be fine. But all this RNG and pistol stuff is placed so prominently in the tree, that there really isn’t any way around it. Especially as some of the talents I would love to recreate my combat rogue, like killing spree, are placed deep down the path of between the eyes or roll the bones.

It would have been nice if you could at least switch paths after the roadblocks of 8 and 20 talents. But this way avoiding roll the bones and between the eyes will lock you out from some of the best talents.

Please Blizzard, after butchering WotLK Reforged and making it impossible for me to enjoy the combat rogue there, at least give us a chance to build an outlaw rogue, that plays similar to the combat rogue.

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