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Hi guys, anyone know if the pvp system for getting high rewards will be more accessible for ppl that play 3-4 hours/day or i have to leave my job, family and social life to get that rewards?

As stated at the above, “just as it did originally, it will require a substantial time investment to rank up through the Honor System. For those interested in the Rank Rewards, earning epic gear will require consistent dedication over a long period of time as a top contributor on your realm. We don’t expect to see many people running around with these items early on”.

No. With 3-4h/day, you can forget about R10 and above, unless you’re playing on a dead server.

blue gear (rank 10) should be accessible for a normal human beeing

3-4 hours a day will get you to a minimum of rank 8 and likely higher, which is at least 4/6 pieces of your blue pvp set.

As a new classic player, what im interested in is, is it only matter of time when i rise my rank or i’m only able to do that in some time frame?

It’ll be an ongoing thing.

You’ll attain ranks by earning honor more or less consistently every week. The rank allows you to buy stuff you don’t lose if you lose the rank (when you stop playing and/or go down again over time).

There’s an honor wipe every week, just like with arenas. According to it, you rise or fall in ranks. You cannot rise more than 1 rank and something. If you haven’t done any PvP during the week, you will suffer a 20% decay.

It is a rank system based one how efficiently you kill per time base unit. In other words You are competing for the ranks and the gear. Only 1% of the realm pop will be able to achieve the highest ranks. When the honor system comes though in phase 4 or whatever, you just need to put a substantial amount of time (hint: people will be able to get this gear by just botting).

Honor system comes out in P2.

Nope, the honor system is the rank system.

Blizzard has finally detailed the full Classic PvP Content plan, including which content comes in what phase.

Phase 2: Honor System and PvP Rank Rewards.
Phase 3: Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch.
Phase 4: Arathi Basin.
Phase 5: Possibly PvP vendor updates.
Phase 6: World PvP in Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands.

Whatever you say bru


Ah i confused it with the honor system that was introduced in the pre-tbc patch, my bad.

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Very simplified, the way it works, based on your honor for a given week, you gain RP (rank points), which is used to rank up. Your total rank points decay by 20% each week, meaning at the very high ranks, the decay is brutal and requires you to play a lot to even make any progress.

Does this mean that casual players will be destroyed in pvp?
I am asking because I’m a casual player and pvp content is something I’m looking forward to the most. However if Ill be completely helpless unless i dedicate unrealistic for me amount of time to the game, I have to re evaluate whether I want to make the time investment right now…

Back in Vanilla at some point they opened a new realm, and I moved there after a month or two after opening, leveling a PvP toon.

I managed to get rank 11 playing around 5 hours a day doing mostly BG’s. Never did efficient premade HK farming, just played the BG’s solo a lot.

So I guess, on new realms as we have, if you efficiently farm the BG’s in a premade group, it could be doable to at least get the rank 10 gear in 4 hours a day? I’m no expert though, just from my own limited experience.

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If you do not have high level gear you will eventually fall behind and be destroyed in PvP. Can be raid gear, can be PvP gear. But at level 60, gear is what will makes a difference.

But, BG’s do not evolve around just killing each other. Taking objectives, tactical supporting, delaying and so on is just as important for your team to win. So even if 1 vs 1 you might fall behind due to gear, BG’s can still be very enjoyable if your not just in it for kills.

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Uhm, there is no resilience in vanilla, so no, you won’t be “destroyed” more than a full PvP-geared player would.

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