About Ret Paladin

It is balanced, so stop crying please…



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Balanced if compared to rogues maybe, but we kinda gotten used to those being broken… Don’t need ret clapping this hard lol

See? this guy agrees with me.

Ret pala doesn’t have mortal strike and stealth, it is nowhere near rogue level.

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You are srs?

The ret is fine, what happens is that people don’t know how to play it because they were used to not seeing it, and now they don’t know what to do.


True. They used to be able to pin ret during wings and then force bubble, then sit ret until they get the kill. They can’t do this anymore.


That’s right, by time people learn how to play against certain classes, give it a week and people will learn how to play against Rets but to do that, they must first stop crying, while shedding tears you can’t focus and improve.

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inexchange of gold of course, I am the greatest enemy of rmt.

Does the spec still stack modifiers and then do 150k ST DPS?

It sounds like it still stacks modifiers and then does 150k ST DPS.

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They should collect data first before making any quick changes. See how the dust settles in a few weeks once people learn how to counter them.


What modifier, there is just reckoning and a few little procs. It doesn’t oneshot at all now.

I’m furious right now, my teammate died right before I kill enemy healer and made me 4/2 once again. If ret was really op I would finish 6/6 each lobby. Biggest challenge is stupid teammates, I pump, I heal, I sac, I cc, they still manage to make me lose the rounds and make me angry…

Unfortunately we are not strong enough to oneshot and easily win like we used to do.

I remember When Divine storm was added to the game. It was super overtuned at first and Rets were running around one-shotting everyone.

I also remember Rets running to the forums to tell everyone “We’re not OP, you just have to learn to play against us!” :upside_down_face: :laughing:


Listen, we don’t have mortal strike. I do damage but no one dies, it is only 2.4 mmr

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Well, how do we define balance in this mess we call PvP here anyway? :smiley:

people just need to chill. Ret is good and thats fine.

And everyone is trying out the new ret, why not? They did a good job with it


i mean ppl unsubbed alrdy theres no dust to settle ppl have had enough :smiley:

ppl are boycotting ques and unsubbing since reset as they made alot of other dumb changes aswell, this stuff we see of retri is just nail on coffin


he doesnt have mortal strike guys , dont you hear him ?
xD :smiley:
what a joke.
I got mortal strike and i dont talent it because my teamates have mortal strike- this is such a silly argument- you got offhealing, immunities, defensives, explosive dmg and cc.
Way more than i got as a feral druid on top of that you can actually offheal actualy numbers and give sac and bubble to others.

i think dokidoki is trolling us little :smiley:

Feral will be op next patch, I have already one at 66 lvl, can’t miss next fotm.

I never troll, only truths and plain facts. I’m hardstuck at 2316 rating now, never had a positive winrate in last 2 lobbies.

I think there is a misconception amongst playerbase, perhaps they overreact because they used to easily kill rets one day a reset happens and they can’t easily kill rets now hence they overreact.

im hardstuck in 40min ques :sweat_smile:

i put one que today but 44min later i just log out went gym watch some weird guy do chin ups on bench barbell and politely asked if he would let me use the bench to do press on it

and boy im happy i skipped ques today :joy:

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