About the inability to post links

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Hey, at least it’s not rng right?

Well, besides the not getting banned thing…


What about “flagged posts”, like could someone just flag posts of people they don’t agree with who are making reasonable arguments?

Are said flags then reviewed by a moderator or are you stuck with them?

Is there a penalty for just randomly flagging post of those you don’t agree with?

(Reconwarrior) #47

If you have the ability to link hyperlinked sites, you might link some critical of blizzard so that’s a nono.

(Dorethien) #48

Isn’t it just the forum bugging? I’ve been able to post links in between, but not always, thought it was just this new forum being a bit unstable or something.

Edit: just came to my attention it seems to be some sort of level system? Where do you see your own lvl? Or have I misunderstood it all lol.


We are in 2018, oops 2019, now, everything you say is deemed offensive by someone :slight_smile:


I see you have trust_level_0 and trust_level_1 so you are Trust Level 1.

See also The Ultimate Forum Guide (Codes, Trust Levels, FAQ)

On the more general points people are making, Blizzard appear to have taken Discourse’s standard Trust Level criteria with no (or very little?) changes of their own, so unlike Pathfinder, we can’t exactly blame them for thinking it up.

On the even broader point, there will be some times when an embedded image in a post will be a useful addition. I think those times will be few, though. And I’m quite happy with links that people can see, copy and Open URL for themselves.

(Dorethien) #51

Interesting, so you can go down in lvl then?

Well even when needed I haven’t been able to post a picture, I had a bug in WoW and thought I would show a screenie in the support forum, but couldn’t attach it, it was of this char ( Dorethien ) so it wasn’t of any other persons character or even an alt of mine, so I don’t think it violated something, but still couldn’t include it, which might have been good to be able to do. But I used postimg dot org and maybe they didn’t find it to be a trusted site, but then I’m not sure how to include pictures.


You can mark the URL as “Preformatted text”. The button for that is to the right of the quotes button on top of your edit box, looks like a slash inside angled brackets, which will produce a copyable URL like this:

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Edit: oh well would you look at that, thank you! :smiley:

(Halasibel) #54

What a wonderful system! So they basically want us to shut up :wink: ?

(Ájmage) #55

And one more thing.

The fact that everyone starts as untrustworthy is just utter nonsense.

I made this thread not because I so desperately want to post some links but because the level of patronization and malice Blizzard is showing with this is over a certain limit.

Blizzard basically tells us that we cannot be trusted unless proven otherwise. This isn’t how civilized people treat each other. What happened with the innocent until proven guilty thing?

This is where we are heading? We are gonna be considered guilty until proven innocent?

This is how you treat your “valued” costumers? With contempt?

(Punyelf) #56

Trust level 3 is only this bit:-

  • Visit the Forums on 50% of the last 100 Days
  • Read 500 Topics created in the last 100 Days
  • Read 20,000 Posts created in the last 100 Days
  • Like 30 Posts
  • Receive 20 Likes
  • Reply to 10 different Topics
  • Don’t have more than 5 Spam/Offensive Flags
  • Don’t be suspended in any Blizzard Game or Forum

So the earliest anyone can reach trust level 3 is 100 days from the date the forum first moved (providing you’ve been here from the start). I do think it’s a good system to prevent trolling but it’s a bit of a pain the posterior to earn it to start with. Once we all get there it will be fine.

Trust level 2 can already post links from trusted sites and most earnt that level within a very short period of time. Being able to post links using the </> button is a very easy workaround. People can copy and paste the url with great ease.


(Dottie) #57

So is that just the new forums or do suspensions on the old forums count?

What about games, is it since 2005? and is it battle.net wide? What about before battle.net?


we all started with a clean slate when forums moved but sadly like me and you we lost all our posts 40k+ and 17k+ for me and i already lost my trust lvl due to a 24 hour silence thanks to a person with multi alts who didnt a reply i gave them .
No swear words
No rude words at all
Was not even mad or anything but they spammed reported my post .
The whole forum system is a joke and failure when you can log your alts and spam likes and reports.

(Dottie) #59

I thought it was only complaints upheld by blizzard. I didn’t think you could get suspended unless they did it manually.

You can insult people without using any rude words.


I agree but

i said

"I like BFA more then WoD and imho its doing better " thats all i said and i got silenced trolling and upsetting people i mean come on “upsetting” how .

(Punyelf) #61

From what I understand it’s just on the new forums. Nothing carried over from the old.


Funny animated cat gifs?

(Dottie) #63

And the game suspensions too?

Edit: Celadina, some people would consider that Blasphemy and not just trolling.


No i cant find the post atm but everyone started with a clean slate if you read through the whole topic its been said by numerous people .