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Hey everybody.
Let’s get straight to the topic. In other games, I always loved to play stealthy stabby characters. Find, eliminate and proceed to another target. But in WoW it is different. Maybe I haven’t played a lot of Rogue, so I will try it now. My little problem here is race. Yeah, I could be like BElf, doing things. No, no, no. Mag’har orc looks epic! Maybe Goblin… And what about Female Panda? I just can’t decide. So I am asking for your subjective answer.
Which Rogue race do you like and why?
Thank you for your respond.


Haha i have deja vu :smiley:

make Mag’ har Orc Female and you’re g2g :grin::grin::grin:


Forsaken rogue, Zandalari or gemale Darkspear.


Strictly horde?
My horde rogue is a goblin, it’s simply just so fitting. Plus their stealth animation is awesome.

For alliance mine used to be nelf because of shadowmeld basically giving you an extra vanish. But I race changed to human for BFA for better transmog. I wanted to make her look like Vanessa VanCleef.

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Enjoying my blood elf, been tempted to change to forsaken a few times but I’m still not 100% sure.


Go male Orc.
Imagine your on an adventure thinking that you can take on the world and suddenly out of no where the shadow of a big bulky orc frame appears behind you with the sound of blood dripping from his weapons. A savage beast that has technique and finesse.


Blood elf rogue


I like undead female which I play. It feels like the right thing; undead and rogue. You should try it out. Also will of the forsaken gets abused by my when in pvp and even some boss encounters use fear.

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Gnome and goblin could be sneaky just by height, let alone not taking finesse/agility into consideration. Worgen is pretty cool, as for horde I’d probably go troll or orc cause their racials and armor tend to be good.


Necro topic a bit.

How is new zandalari for rogues? Who already tried it?

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extra dot for assa if you play assa as a zandalari and you get the regen which you can use during CC, helps with healing alot.

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