About two weeks from new season

We got to see barely any info on blizzcon about the runes. We knew that bfd and ashenvale is coming.

We got the same amount of info now: gnomer+stv

Everything else was wowhead datamining
and they got a ton of backlash for it.

We will get a small sneakpeak at stv+gnomer maybe some runes in the next few days as confirmed by one of the blizzard devs. (Sadly the news only got posted on twitter yet again)

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Dang, I tested this argument in the free market but everyone just wants to charge for their goods. :frowning:

Now, I don’t necessarily disagree, but using the name for something as an argument has always been stupid. Did Blizzard state anything about not releasing info because of this or are people assuming? It’s a genuine question, I haven’t really searched for it.

They literally presented more then half the runes themselves including talking about direction for different classes in p1 - like tanking warlocks, rogues and shamans etc. They literally showed 3-4 runes for each class at the presentation of SoD at blizzcon alone :smiley:

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1rcs9mmf-s&ab_channel=WorldofWarcraft

Go in 23 minutes. Its literally the first time we hear about SoD.

Good, your little community can stay away while the rest of us are enjoying the Season of DISCOVERY :kissing_heart::wave:


Will do. Not into homosexual stuff though so keep that to yourself please

What are you talking about? Last news we got was: Marks of Honor in Season of Discovery

For the runes and professions, yeah they said they wont spoil any of it, that we should drum rolls DISCOVER THEM.

Well your little community can be snowflakes and stay away then! Bye!


Are you OK Dude ? What Point of discovery , new Game Mode , dont you Guys understand

No. No they didnt. i’m n ot talking abour revealing their location here so dont strawman

The noun discovery means the finding or uncovering of something.

We dont need to know what runes there will be or not, it will all be discovered within days anyway. Dont see why this matter so much that you wont come back if you dont get any info on what runes there will be or not :joy: That is childish.

“Mom, Freddy dident let me play with hes toys so hes not my friend anymore” kinda situation here.

More strawmanning. is this the only form of argumentation you can do?

We find the runes. Yes. Great. Thats fun. I want a hint at what runes we CAN find just like we got for season 1. I’m not sure why thats so hard to understand or such a novel idea to you since its the exact same thing we got for season 1.

While agreed, I would like a list of content coming, however vague it may be. It will be datamined regardless, so they may as well slowly release the new content to hype the game up. They don’t have to give a ton of detail or locations etc. See their successful efforts at Blizzcon as example.

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As already said they do intend to roll out some news about stv+gnomer and some unkown information.

Will we get a “full reveal”?


But atleast a sneakpeak at what we can expect just as we got some info of the inside of BFD with first few bosses and how the pvp event will work.

Shut up noob see u on the 8th when I gank u

Oh really? Did you miss “We dont need to know what runes there will be or not, it will all be discovered within days anyway. Dont see why this matter so much that you wont come back if you dont get any info on what runes there will be or not”

I do understand what you mean, its in there ^ Just at the start, I clearly said we dont need to know what the runes will be. - Understanding what you mean completly. That is not “strawmanning” and even so, do you say that as soon someone disagree with you? “Yooo thats strawmanning:joy:

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Come at me you big scary tauren! Runs away in fear

They showed most of the runes for the first phase only because they needed to draw attention to SoD. If you can’t understand that, that’s your problem.

I might have missed a couple “strawmanning” posts since you use it in almost every chance you have. Seems like everyone is a strawman and your “little community” (w/e that means) is the superior race or smt? (4th reich or smt?!) Or you’re a club of scientists with over 500iq, i don’t know…


The title of this says it all, you are just a retail player who is slightly bored with retail and you and your friends are playing this while you wait for new content there. Its not a new season its a new phase its more than a slight difference.

So why should blizzard cater to you and give away info that people want to find out when the time comes instead of cater to the people who right now are really into SoD?

Well its going to affect what people will be playing. You dont really need more reason then that

Please link to where they said that and where they said they wont be doing it again. Otherwise its just babble.