Marks of Honor in Season of Discovery

We want to make sure that everyone knows about actions we’ve taken around WSG Marks of Honor.

  • In Season of Discovery, these items have been prevented from being restorable.
  • During maintenance on 7 February, we will purge any that are already in players’ mailboxes.

We suggest that any players who have any Marks in your mailbox, retrieve them and use them before the end of Phase 1, or they will be lost.


So no hotfix or class tuning coming up this week either then?


That’s gonna upset a lot of people that have invested countless hours. But it’s definitely the right thing to do


Open free transfers from dead realms please.

Like you said you would.


No realm is close to dead though. Closest to “dead” is lava lash and they wont open up from a rp pve realm as they are always smaller

u should atleast give some silvers for exalted guys then

Lava Lash horde has 1 BFD posted in LFG in an hour and it doesn’t fill up.
Who cares about RP tag? We gonna repeat this same rubbish again?

Don’t bother telling me it isn’t dead if you don’t play there.

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Good, very good.


I dont think you can feel anything after grinding WSG for 100+ hours


Why did you go to a RP realm if you didnt want to play on a RP realm? The RP realms are there for the people who care about the RP tag not for people who dont care about it.


Blizzard fixes a serious issue that some members of the community bring up.

Others members of the community? ‘REEEEEE why not X’

We’re two weeks away from the next phase and level bracket, why would classes be tuned now?


Thank god the game have been saved now… Use them on what?

Silly word play aside, its hard to play with other people on an RP realm when there are no other people.

tuning mages to make it so they can’t solo farm stockades for 100k xp per hour on launch up to lvl 30, would be a good thing to do. Its in the same vein as fixing the marks bug.


Couldn’t help but notice that they’re already not recoverable since this post and also haven’t appeared in mailboxes. Are the ones that were sitting there going to be sent back to players to use who weren’t exalted and just banking them to hand it all in at the same time?

Since there was zero heads up on this.

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Agrree IDD

Thank you so much <3

So that is why there was less premades tonight :smiley:


Exploiters can cry as much as they want.


Ok. But what about people who weren’t exalted ? At the end of the day the xp was not important, it would have been a nice boost of 1 level (150 mark = only 1 level), which didn’t seemed overpowered compared to people stacking quest in their logs to hit 30 under 15 minutes.

Now did I just loose 150 marks worth of rep with no notice? This has been in the game for 20 years and now it’s a problem? Should have been at least able to recover them before the phase 2 patch to give everyone a chance at redeeming.

That’s really not fair, it was a hard grind to reach enough marks to get exalted.

In addition by not allowing people to recover their marks you will end up with even more premades and a toxic environement for the every day player in the next weeks until lauch as we got to catchup AGAIN to the exalted reputation. I can talk in the name of everyone pretty much when I say premades vs pugs are disgusting, I honestly don’t like doing this to other players, but if I have to grind again to exalted because I was not given any notice that my marks that were restorable for 20 years are now not anymore then I will do it.

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Only if you have deleted them, otherwise you still have them in your mailbox. Feels bad exploiting huh?

Yes it have been, but it have never been intented to exploit it to lvl up like some ppl (you) are trying to do.

You win or lose, you get them, you turn them in, if you are not exalted becuase you tried to save up, unlucky! Its so unfair :frowning: