Above the Lore - Stormscale EU, recruiting for raiding S3

Above the Lore - Stormscale EU

We are a newly formed guild this season so have spent much of our time building an active core group and pushing M+ keys. With season 3 in the not too distant future we are making plans for a dedicated raid team with AOTC in mind. Likely to be 1 or 2 raid days a week in season 3 but the guild is reasonably active with groups running M+ etc, which of course will continue alongside raiding. Discord server up, most members from the UK / Sweden / Finland but all English speaking.

All roles will be considered, however preferably no more paladins. Specific roles we are looking to recruit are:


Shadow Priest
Unholy DK
Destro Warlock
Aug Evoker


Vengeance DH
Blood DK

All healer classes are welcome.

If you’d like to talk to the team feel free to add me on discord and we can see if we’re right for you.

Discord - Qweggla
Bnet - QweggyD#2216

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Hi don’t actually apply for this. This guy just left my key after he failed tanking in M+. He said he didnt have to take melee from HOI last boss and left my +15. Absolute toxic mentality that wouldn’t make for a good leader position as is not able to take critique when 4 ppl tell him he’s wrong.

Troll ^

Come and try us out, we don’t fail 15s :wink::joy:

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Top notch clan banter is top tier and great for teaching m+ :sunglasses:

Fun & chill group with daily activities. If you’re looking to run keys, or to find a raid group for S3, please check the guild out. (: