Absolutely dead for Horde, now

Here I am, returning after a year or so. I left the server whilst in a guild that raided multiple times per week.

Logged in today. Guild dead. Last login 4 months ago.

Checked AH. 90% drop in auction volume.

Ask in general what’s going on? No reply.

Observe Dalaran players. Easily 95% Ally.

At this point I feel like I’ve been mugged. Subbed for a month, nothing I can do with that cost now.

I can only assume this is the case for other Horde players? Surely this constitutes a severe enough reduction in options to qualify the server as being unfit for purpose.

Where are the free transfer options? Or free swap to Ally?

Edit: Given similar posts have had zero replies, had no option but to refund my sub. What a waste.


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