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Hello fellow players!

About Absolutum Dominium:

Absolutum dominium is a new guild fresh out of the gates. AD was formed late last year by a group of friends all found eachother through playing WoW. We all had the same goals and objectives, to play and clear current tier content on heroic and mythic. As a result, AD was formed.

While our main focus will be to clear current tier content on heroic and mythic, it is not all we do. We’ll do higher level keystones together, group up and play assaults, do IE’s and jump into PvP to beat up some alliance!


To make all this happen, we will be needing members. We are looking for people that want to raid. Members who are social, members that want to participate in other guild activities, members with the same goals as the rest of us.

Do you need to have curve and ilvl380+?
No, we will gear up together. We will get the curve achievements together. Have you raided in the past and are looking to get back into it with a friendly but ambitious group of ppl? Look no further! Are you sick and tired of pugging? Look no further! Have you never raided before, but want to? Again, look no further.

While we are a friendly group of players, we still want to clear the current content on heroic and mythic. This does mean that people who raid with AD have to carry their weight. Have gems and enchants, bring flasks to raids. And if someone keeps failing that person might have to give up his spot and move to an Alt/social group.

Are only raiders allowed to join?


Socials, people who strictly PvP, etc. All are welcome.

That sounds great! How do I sign up?

We call the servers Hellscream and Aggramar home and we fight for the Horde.
If you dont do those two things then joining AD might be tough.

If you do though, reach out to me in-game or add me on Battlenet (Goldenpants#22841) so we can have a chat.

Alternatively you could reach out to our GM Silvardo(in-game name), BNet: Matt#21127.

Thanks for reading :blush: I hope to see some of you amongst our ranks!

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